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Domaine Louis Latour

The Domaine of Louis Latour is situated in the pretty medieval village of Aloxe-Corton.This small village has been the home of the Latour family since their involvement in viticulture began. The Château (built in 1749) at Corton Grancey, the winery and its 17 hectare estate were acquired from the Count of Grancey, the then President of the Burgundy parliament, after the outbreak of phylloxera at the end of the 19th century. This land now forms the heart of the Domaine.

The winery (cuverie) which dates back to 1832 was the first purpose-built winery in France and is one of the oldest still functioning today. The winery was cleverly designed to cut into the hillside and therefore relies on a system of gravity to make the wine, thus respecting the grape's fragility. This is where we still vinify and age all our red and white Domaine wines.

Not far away from the main square in the village is the other section of our Domaine in Aloxe-Corton.This is where we have dormitories for our harvesters, conference rooms for seminars, and warehouses for all the equipment needed to maintain the running of our vineyards.

The Domaine is of extreme importance to the company as it means we are able to know exactly what is going on in the vineyards. By tending to our own vines we are able to monitor the progression of the grapes and are therefore likely to know ourselves of any particular problems that are posed by a certain vintage. This gives us noticeable advantages when we come to buying in other grapes and wines for the Maison.

Environmentally friendly Domaine Louis Latour Joins FARRE Network


Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru 0.51ha / 1.48 acres

Corton Clos de la Vigne au Saint Grand Cru

2.50ha / 6.25 acres

Corton Bressandes Grand Cru

3.03ha / 7.58 acres

Corton Les Chaumes Grand Cru

1.14ha / 2.9 acres

Corton Les Pougets Grand Cru

0.87ha / 2.18 acres

Corton Les Perrières Grres Grand Cru

5ha / 12.5 acres

Corton Clos du Roi Grand Cru

3.2ha / 8 acres

Corton Les Grèves Grand Cru

1.2ha / 3 acres

Aloxe-Corton Les Chaillots Premier Cru

3.13ha / 7.7 acres

Aloxe-Corton Les Founières Premier Cru

1.75ha / 4.4 acres

Aloxe-Corton Les Guérets Premier Cru

0.4ha / 1 acre


3.15ha / 7.9 acres

Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru

9.65ha / 24.1 acres

Beaune Les Vignes Franches Premier Cru

2.76ha/ 6.9 acres

Beaune Les Perrières Premier Cru

1.31ha / 3.28 acres

Beaune Clos du Roi Premier Cru

0.42ha / 1.05 acres

Beaune Grèves Premier Cru

0.2ha / 0.5 acre

Beaune Cras Premier Cru

0.54ha / 1.35 acres

Pommard Epenots Premier Cru

0.41ha / 1 acre

Volnay Les Mitans Premier Cru

0.27ha / 0.68 acres


0.47ha / 1.23 acres

Pernard-Vergelesses Ile des Vergelesses Premier Cru

0.75ha / 1.88 acres


1.38ha / 3.45 acres

Romanée-St-Vivant Les Quatre Journaux Grand Cru

0.76ha / 1.9 acres

Chambertin Cuvée Héritiers Latour Grand Cru

0.81ha / 2 acres

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.
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