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Tuesday 17 November 2008
2008 BIVB Vintage Report
A remarkable turnaround for Burgundy wines
The 2008 vintage was characterised by unstable weather conditions, requiring the wine growers to use their experience to the full. They showed great vigilance from the spring, and waited for the right time to harvest.

This year, the vines benefited from the return of the fine weather from mid-September. From the 14th of the month, the sun and the north wind allowed the grapes to reach full maturity before the harvest. The apprehension that could be felt throughout the vineyards gave way to relief. Some wine growers even spoke of a miracle.

After paying special attention to their vines, the wine growers were able to contain the development of diseases. Like last year, they gave up some of their harvest in the interests of quality, and carried out a meticulous selection process. This decision, along with the moderate yields, has led to lower-than-average volumes.

It is still too early to assess this new vintage, which has only just been put into barrels. However, the initial tastings suggest that the concerted efforts, along with the helping hand of Mother Nature, should result in a fine vintage.

White wines

The 2008 white wines, straightforward and pure, are characterized by distinct acidity, nicely balanced by a good level of maturity. The complexity of the aromas is matched by the liveliness and freshness exhibited on the palate.

These powerful wines follow the tradition of the great Burgundy classics.

Red wines

The red wines are the real revelation of this vintage! With deep colours, fruity aromas and round, silky tannins, these concentrated, complex wines are already seducing those who taste them.

They are well structured and have a great cellar potential.

Source: Bureau Interprofessionel des Vins de Bourgogne, 14th November 2008