The Burgundy winegrowers know how to trust their instincts. Before the arrival of summer, they remained cautious, even though the particularly hot, dry spring gave the vines the potential for excellent quality. The rainfall in July helped reconstitute the water reserves in the soil and provide the vines with a new lease of life. The stormy weather in August, which was very difficult to anticipate, encouraged the winegrowers to follow their plots inch by inch. They were fully aware that they would need both humility and intuition to determine the date of the harvest: between maturity and the health of the vineyard, nature has an important role to play. To wait or not to wait? This is the crucial question that the Burgundy winegrowers asked themselves in the last weeks of August, particularly for Pinot Noir, which is reputed for its delicacy and complexity.
The harvest was spread out across several weeks, with the winegrowers harvesting the plots according to their maturity. The sunshine and lack of rain in September were the rewards for their patience. Careful selection was carried out, on the vines and in the cellars. Only the very best grapes were vinified.

White wines

The white wines are characterised by aromatic purity. Clear, frank aromas of citrus fruits and delicate floral notes are unveiled on tasting. These flavours are brought out by a good level of acidity, making the wines fresh and expressive. The harmonious balance, which was already perceived on tasting the grapes, is confirmed. All this is strengthened by a pleasant roundness on the palate. The expression of the "Terroirs” is already notable. Maturity will bring additional complexity and subtlety to these wines, but they can also be enjoyed in their youth.

Red wines

These are highly quaffable wines with a very intense red colour. Depending on the sectors, there is a wide aromatic palette: fresh fruits, red fruits (raspberry, cherry) and a few soft, spicy notes. Freshness and balance grace the palate. The tannins are round, supple and elegant. The broad sensorial diversity and the qualitative distribution are characteristic of each "Terroir”. The potential for laying down the wine will vary depending on the style. However, the very pleasant aspect of this vintage, which is already noticeable, means that they can already be enjoyed.

Crémants de Bourgogne

The Crémant producers began harvesting in the third week of August in the south of Burgundy. The harvests continued until the end of September. The wines made from Chardonnay grapes feature white peach and grapefruit aromas. The Aligoté presents light, tangy notes. The Pinot Noir provides structured, coloured wines. The Gamay reveals great-quality wines, with intense red fruit aromas. The first assemblages will be made at the end of the year.

Source : Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne – November 2011. '/>
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